Screaming babies

Running around the house

Making noises

Demanding total attention

I lose focus,

Trying to start all over again

Calming the babies and the mother

Losing a sentence here

And a sentence there

Suddenly finding

New words and

Other stories

Not here

Low, low

Almost underground

I write my poem

At evening, at night

At times when I realise

That the only thing

I can do to keep my

Self sane is write and writ

Into eternity

Far, far from here

Late at night

Feeling lost in the night

The silence and the inability

In the same time is esoteric

I am not alone in the universe

And memories from the past

Many hundred years ago comes by

To say hello

All those lost souls around us

All those who lived before us

All those who will live here

In our and their world that we all share

On this level

Late at night