Walking the Camino in Spain to the Sea

But just walking what meaning does it have. This is something that has not happened.

Walking is a beautiful way to be in the countryside. This year I decided to do the final part between Astorga and Santiago do Compostela and then further on to the sea in Finisterre.

Following an ancient way that leads from the border between France and Spain to Santiago do Compostela and further on to the Atlantic and Finisterre. The revival of the road is an intriguing story

Day one

Sometimes life is about finding value in bad situations and use the to your advantage if that is possible. My life has included long periods of unemployment. Luckily I have been able to use them in a way that make me prosperous in an intellectual way.

Six years ago I left for Spain. This very spring I will return to end my journey. The long road, leaving everything behind

More like a disaster on a sunny Friday afternoon.
It is difficult to manage in the longer run. You get teared apart.

I am tired of surviving because it makes my life very limited. I surround myself with big shields to protect myself from other people. Still they manage to take me down.

The long walk to a distant place, at the sea

I s

Moving slowly through the landscape makes you think better.

I prepare for another walk on the camino this year. The purpose is to end d


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