Long Version

I wait and
I waited 
This is our world
we live in it
day by day

Hate were installed 
in me and I kept it
inside growing 
but still inside

Everyday the memories
Came back to do their due
Every night the memories
evaporated into thin air
until I woke up at 3.30 
in the morning
Crystal clear every word
every moment

God will never forgive me
for what happened then
but I do not mind
God is indifferent  to man
and his suffering 
Unpresent present 


Set sail

I will never sail that ocean,

I will never set sail

on that boat

but I still see that image,

from far,

far away in another corner of the world…

Pazi snajper long gone come back

I wait for war

I wait for peace

I see the bridge

In the snow 

Carrying the overweight of exhumed mankind

waiting to collapse

My information


Is not your information

we need to go to war again

In order to fight for justice of some kind

Trust, Truce train and hostage taking

No no good said she

No no good said the old man in the attic 






My brain is ready for total destruction
I wait for total reconstruction of meaning
I always hope for the best
But I can not se what is best at the very
The snow keeps on falling
and I keep on writing signs
on my mental walls
Consulting my memory


I am lost
here in the snow
watching as life passes by
on the outside

The agony is grinding
my mind
The sleep long gone
at ten


Nothing left

Only that 


some other things

to keep me 

occupied until the day

I forget them