I am looking for my friends

I seek them here

I seek them there

I seek them everywhere

But they are gone

Maybee they did not exist

Or lived in a parallel dimension

So long time ago I stoped looking

Just meeting them at night in barren dreams

In unknown cities

May, my, you, they

Looking for a reason to have hope

But I do not find any

It is just the same

But thirty years later

I am older not wiser

Less prospects not more

Alone I came to face the world

And the world is ugly

Even in May

Sun and a title

I lost all hope

Just repeating the history of the past

Why continue?

Things turn very hard

When you realise that you cannot change

I do not know why

But I spent my life understand why!

Outside the sun shines on the barren earth

Sleepless night

The sleepless nights in front of me

Is truly painful

Not what I expected

Moving around aimlessly

In the house

Trying to build a story

Feel a glimpse of meaning

In my life

But the stars are distant



In the end every place has it´s secret

No one answers to anyone else

Because no one is asking

The question

There are no interest in knowing

Only the observant outsider listens


Sometimes we fail to realize what´s in  front of us

It is only after years have past that we are able to see

The crocked and ridicules in being ruled by other peoples

Agenda and this not because we lack awareness but because

We lack hope for a better future