Losing ground


Every time I try
I come back
To this point
The place where I feel lost
and helpless.
Now I am her again
In the suburb
All around me
ugly buildings
No peace of mind
only struggle within
I do not understand anymore
No who am I
Why do I always fail
What is happening
Inside me?

Tomorrow night

I need the courage
I don´t have
My limbs are numb
And my mind all sleepy

Tomorrow will be
The great day
I walk out the door
Into the great void
Into the shimmering night

The night is full of whispering
voices and of stories untold
Fragments that reaches
the conscious mind
Telling me about the past
As well of the future


Up here in the north
Sunny days are scarce
White, Brown, grey
And occasionally blue sea
Is the norm
Any other color has a hard time.
Only a dawn things
Gets crazy
Yellow, pink and purple
Change the perception
For a few moment
Then is gone
And the magic starry night
Make the people fear
the dark corners
of which they are plenty

The island


Closing all my senses

For the obvious

I acted like a fool

Only to realize it


Thus works the subconscious

And I only watch the disaster

From afar, safe but sad on the shores

of my lonely island

Why do I fight?

I fight even though
I do not know
If there is any meaning

Lonely and lost
In foreign land
I hide

Only to discover
That the enemy
Sees me
But not my friends

The hope of being me

It is a hard thing
Being me
Whatever this means
On this planet
This lonely place
In the outskirts
Of  the universe
The days are passing
So slowly
The shadows growing by the day
Withering stages of decay
Around me
The birds starts singing
And the spring breaks in.

Off the track

What? and why?
There are no
Sensible answer
To those questions
You have your own
Fantasy to stick to
Whatever the reality
Happens to be
Sinking through
The muddy waters
Of illusions