Here where the sun is in short supply
We always want more
Longing to the open spaces of the taiga
In the summer when the nights are
days and the days just passages
The land of illusions
Filled with forest and empty spaces
Until the cold sea hits the rocky beach

The young old man

Fear is not a way to live
Peace without freedom
Is not peace but pacification
The man told me
But his land is lost
Stolen by his neighbour
And here he is
Far away smoking
His cheap cigaretts
In the camp his
former friends
guarded him
While other friends
is being tortured
Or killed
Here in the far north
He is dying a little
Bit day by day

Empty spaces

Places and people
Empty spaces
Fertile grounds
And rain falls
Soon it will
All be gone
To one function
Or another
But until
Then it is
Open for something

Long, long time ago

Long time ago
I went to a war
Long, long time ago
To the valley of death
I went
Long, long time ago
The people where full of fear
I was just one lonely traveller
What could I do?
Long, long time ago
Every day there were people dead
In the street, at home at school
And every step could be your last, so fast
I put my life at stake to see the war
Long, long time ago
Then I went home to my house,
Took a deep, deep breath and enjoyed
The peace in my big, big bed
But the war would not let me go
Every night I could not forget
The trapped, the wounded and the dead
But at home nobody wanted  to hear about
That  terrible war
Long, long time ago
They said  to me, let them kill each other until they’re all dead
Let them die in their bloody war.
We have our own cats and dogs and friends
we do not care about that war
And so life went on and on and on
Until that bloody war came here
Long, long time ago
With it´s terror and fear
It took some of our dear
But the people still did not care
Because it´s not our war
It´s  not our problem anymore
If people die on the other side
Because we only care for our family and friends
Let the other die they said,
Long, long time ago
Then somebody dropped a bomb
And now they’re all dead
With their cats and dogs and other pets
Even their families and friends are all dead
So I guess it´s not their problem any more
Since, long long time ago


April fouls

Slow changes
In this cruel
The ground is still
Cold and frozen
The light has turned
And once again
The white nights
Return to this frozen land

From the darkness
To the light
The natur prepares
For another extreme
From death to life
And than again dying
Leaving the land
To the white snow and ice
This is our fate
We fouls that live
Here in the northern corner

Da capo every year

Time moves quickly
On a Sundays
A lot of things
To be done
A lot of family
To interact with
Family diners
And the annual
Easter torture week
Every year the man
Dies on a Friday
And is reborn on Sunday
Every year I do not
Know what to do about it
What would have happened
If he instead of going to
Jerusalem that pitiful pit
On a mountain slope
He decide let us go
To Tel Aviv
Have a beer
Let´s make som miracles
By the sea
Putting our bare feats
In the warm sand
And watch the ocean
What would Easter be then?


Gray is the morning
Gray is the day
Gray is the evening
Black is the forest
Black is the night
Black is the path
In the rain
No reasons
To be bright
When the light of
the stars
are for sale
Give them an offer
Even if you can´t pay
I am so tired to live
In the gray


The streets are quiet
Tonight, people trying
To make their way home
We are still trying to
The dead and the injured
It could have been me
Or anyone walking by
Not taking notice of
Death approaching
In high speed