Tonight God must hate us
all the suffering
all the pain
we create 
In my mind
I can hear
the scream
even though
it is so far
on the other side
of the world


The older i get
the more energy
I lose
The hope of
change is gone
I am just changing 
Returning to my old
I  do not find it the
The building are there
The memories as well
but the people are
mostly gone
sometimes I pass
them on the street
pretending we never
did meet 
Leaving ourself
to ourself


There are no hope
only the 
wintery wind
of the past
at this beaten track 
We do not have 
to understand
anything at all
Only to be something
different then we
ought to be
when waiting
for the spring
to break

Wheel of life

Play with your toy
It´s about create and destroy
The wheel of life
Takes you up
Wheel of life
will destroy your strife 
Thats the wheel of life
come and take the fight
with the wheel of life
before you get into 
the light