Song of Peace

Sometimes this happens that I find something I like and cannot hinder myself from Reblog it. Now is the Song of Peace on how we destroy ourself and sometimes are able to overcome it.

Bad ways

I am the last one
And I do not
Have any kin
Alone and lonely
I stick to my sin
And that
Is ok
I belief
I long for
That will
Never come
I long for release
Of my old
Bad existence
In universe
I am kinky
The scientist
All agree
But I love
You the way
The way
You work
And this is the end
And that is the good
Way of receiving
The recipe

I do not know

She has twisted 
my head 
very well
I have been salted
with guilt and shame

She has conquered me
with her frustration 
and her projection
i am just an empty
vessel for everyones 
desires and lust, 
fads of someone
and so on
I am trying to heal
even though 
I know that
I will soon be ripped 
apart again
The sun shines on my shoulders
Because I can not gain love
but I need the warmth 
of the sun in my cold 


The Dying Mind

I try to concentrate 
but the mind 
is not willing
is not working
I have pain
but is not a real
and a bad 
Trying to exercise 
my body 
But the mind is going
down again and again


The night is sinister


there will not be

the brisk air
me feel

a short moment 
of happiness
connecting with

other spaces and times past 

the stars are congregating 

memories of old battles

are coming back

the smell of blood and fire, sweet 
There are men dying

under these star at

this very moment
I am not thinking
of them but of 
men living on the
other shore of time

No reason

There is no reason
to read this
my mind is so 
She has filled it 
with her shit
and now I try 
to purify it
And thats it
nothing more
nothing less
I am soon 
an empty


I do believe that
You got to fight
For what is right
But every time I fight
I lose again and again
So I do not fight
Because the brave boys
Broke my back so
That they could do the
Things that are not
I curse them and all
Their might
And hope for
Better times
Eventually time
Will break their
Back to
And I will wait
Because I am
A Patience man