Empty and badly burned
I entered the church of medicine 
The doctors looked at me
in the terror and contempt
I drank therefore I have to suffer
And deserves to suffer
Love is not here
but hate is good to have
as a companion at night

The hate keeps us awake
and helps us
But love will end the world

Corpus Christi

Does anyone see

Does anyone see
anyone else
Than them self
We are all
Every man is an island
He or she lives and
withers, die and
sink to the bottom
of the ocean of 
Everything changes
but we are all going
down sooner or later

Bus to Marx

The bus is full
Full with students
doing economy, business
and advanced studies

Pushing, pressing their way
to happiness and a seat
some fail, some never
even get in to the bus

I am the last one
just when the door
It is not a question
of deserving
It is not a question

This is a  question
of survival
Using the ladder
of momentarily 

God will not help me
Man vill not help me
But i will help myself
the price
Is being lonely 
but in time
to the lecture
on Marxist theory on 
Late Capitalism 


Our journey takes us deep deep
down below the sea
And there in the darkness
It is only you and me
We keep clinging 
to each other
Fighting in the same time
as we make love
While we are sinking
even deeper
You want a child
I do not
You want comfort
I want adventure
And change
But we cling to each other
And no one is to blame
Only solitude of grave
is to hope for
In this world without


The shell were left on the beach
empty and opened 
We all stood and watch
as they died
The strong fighters, soldiers
our enemies and brothers, sisters
Some were happy
others showed grief 
but the process
is ignorant of those details
A human life is so short
and of no value at all
to the dolphins 

Reality tests

The sun rises in the west
and sets in the east
As it always has
that is a fact
And we all have
to relate to it
I travelled north
to meet the penguin 
and south to the
Ice bears 
that are soon to 
be extinct
That is a fact to
We all now know
the truth
East and West Berlin
will for a long time
be parted by a wall
and Yugoslavia is
country in tha Balkan
Sovjetunion were proclaimed in 1917
and the ruling party the Communist
are working to change the world
just like in Socialist China
Slow slow is our mind
what we say is not what
we do
But still we have to tie our shoes 

Loss of mind

In the land of the hopeless
in the land of the lost
My ship anchored 
at the bay of remorse 
I had been traveling 
a long way

the sea of grief
When I reach the
black shallow water
and the shore of the
land in the eternal-grief-zone
I had my time there
meeting friends of misfortune

This were all calculated and expected
but I could not imagine 
that in the darkest
Were I would meet the 
monsters of profiteering 
psychologist, psychiatrist and other soul-eating
manipulative creatures 

All these thing I endured with patience 

but I could not stand being loved

by you