We can stop time
TogetherThis is the true path
every time


Time adjects space and
keep the pace
into the dark space


I am on the boat
What is the aim of our journey?
This is not considered
The practice of remembering things

We are not moving
We will never move
This is the center
of the conundrum


Writing in quiet
This is me now
not as before,   
I am different now
I believe
this is of no
any more


Life is short
it runs through the night
through winter, summer, spring and fall
it runs through us all
and then suddenly
No more

Dry tubers

I hope they burn in Hell
all the suffering
they inflicted on me and everyone else.
I Hate them
I hope they suffer now
thats it
The mercury that might be my memory
Of what they did to me 
Has slipped through my fingers
Only small parts remain
under the snow

I am here

I am here now
Here on the other side
of the Atlantic

Listening to your voices

Every night

Every day

You come to me

With your prayers

and memories of lost temples, tribes, wars and peace

I remember from my many lives all that again and agin
Oh why you here