Postum Scriptum


In that late evening the boat came
Bringing lovers, families and friends
Together again
The mosquitos had their feast on fresh
blood and some new traces of the city
Alone I awaited the miracle to happen
Staying while the others left for a
cup of tea and a chatt about the trivia
of everyday life
Trying to find the hidden messages in


This day so filled with heavy burdens
And frustration I tried to climb out of the pit I am in
I feel so much pain

My children are denied their love
And I am stuck in put together a protokoll
That I said I do it to be nice, to be good, to be loved

I do not like myself today
I feel so deeply ashamed
I just want to get rid of the text
And forget who I amIMG_1994


agony is a terrible

It tears you apart
piece by piece

You are out there
Lonely and filled
with self-doubt
All your life feels
All your actions
In vain

Lost in space

The pain is following me
I do not fear the pain
I am so used to it
I do not know why
I am lost
Lost in the past
Lost in the present
Lost in the future
Leaving it all
To sail somewhere else


I have hard to stand on my feet
The ground shakes
I try to focus
And she is talking
about the neighbours
their plans and projects
I threw up in the zink
She doesn’t notice
Complaining eternally
About me not doing
My part
I try to stay on my legs
Keep together
She keeps talking
I dress and walk
Out the door
She is in the living room
Reading the newspaper
Not noticing that I left
My feet still carries me
On the way to the crowded
Let´s turn this day
Into a succes I tell myself
Trying to get some breakfast
We are masks that meet and sell
Fewer and fewer of us
Turns up but we pretend
As everything is OK
Smiling in contempt to one another
Smiling in frustration
Pretending that this meeting has
A meaning and a cause
At least it is some normality
Even if it is fake
We have to prepare
For what is coming
When the war comes
We will in one way or the other
Need each other
If nothing else for company and food

Cascading failure

The energy builds up
I start to do things
I do to much
The energy is gone
I fail again and again
Back to the pit
I start climb up



The grey is even more present today
I do not see any hope
Trying to keep me awake
Which is not easy
To many things
On my mind
And no sleep
This place makes me crazy
So much pain and agony
Takes away the focus
On what is important in life