Up and down

Down and up

Around the town

Perfectly without

Any control

I travel around

Around before

Coming down

To face every Monday

Of my life

Distant Journey

Out of energy

Lost in foreign land

I traversed the suburbs

Of the rich, the poor and

The dead in all their



The point of the city’s

Resurrection late in the afternoon

Waiting for the miracle

To take place


Late at night

When the thought and mind

Has run around the same topic

Man, many, times

I pray for silence,

inner silence of the mind

An option to be

Not only to think


The pain of being

Feeling that everything

That makes life worth

Living is being lost

Why go on

With this?

At It Again

Waking up after a really

Long night, that never

Ended of driving

Through the forest

I try to change

My way of working

But lost out

Now it is time

To get back and do it