Good Hate

Hatred is a good


Glowing in the morning sun

Like red leafs in the autumn

It keeps alive

Less numb

Then the Buddhist denial

Strategy pretending

Strengths and righteousness

The cold numbing

Needed only by the generals and

Money collectors


Putting my energy

In writing these poem

I don’t know anything about writing

I just do it

In a desperate fashion

In order to survive

A little longer

While I am slowly

Freezing to


Perished Dream

Lost in time

Clean the plates in the kitchen

In a way trying to

Keep away the thoughts by doing

Nonsense cleaning of a

Dirty kitchen

Filled with other peoples filth

A thought going through my mind

This morning is that my

Dreams has shrunk

To just surviving under

A layer of practical


The sky outside is gray

And I see no reason

To do so

One drop

Madness in a bottle

He told me

Just a drop

And it will

Change your Life

Forever experience the miracle

Of universe, meet God and travel

To unknown galaxies

I did the drop

And since then

My legs have been


A true change

Flooding Season

Dripping wet towels

Covering the floor

Flooded street

And a bad smell

Someone singing

In the middle of the disaster

Eventually the water

Receded and left us

With the chaos and dirt

But for a few days

We had the freedom from

Electricity and nosy surveillance

Creating weird sensation


Anger is a good thing

Tempers the mind

Gives energy

For acting

Anger is a good


Now and then

A disaster


Desperate and slow

Like things to

Happen fast

But this is a

Slow and cold


Let’s start a fire