Secret Box of Things Without Value

This place contains explicit material that is so boring that you will die while reading it!

Don’t read it!

You will die!!!

Sooner or later!!!

What ever you do!

Where do we put our energy?

Our energy supply, just like our time is very limited. When we put our energy into something we normally also have good results in attention and the possibility to develop the quality.

Big small and snails no nails attached to this photo

We see ourself as empty a vessel waiting for redemption and other

thing in proxima

I am thinking on what a secret is.

Most of us live in societies with people that are absorbed by their own business.

Therefore they do not observe or reflect on other people with a perspective that is beyond the personal.

Almost all the people in my environment are either completely  egocentric or trying to help the same people in order to be loved.

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