This day so filled with heavy burdens
And frustration I tried to climb out of the pit I am in
I feel so much pain

My children are denied their love
And I am stuck in put together a protokoll
That I said I do it to be nice, to be good, to be loved

I do not like myself today
I feel so deeply ashamed
I just want to get rid of the text
And forget who I amIMG_1994

Cascading failure

The energy builds up
I start to do things
I do to much
The energy is gone
I fail again and again
Back to the pit
I start climb up



Something went wrong
Very wrong
A man went to prison
For a very long time

And here we are again
Not admitting anything
The others are to blame

Not explaining what went wrong
Not admitting any faults
It is always the other people
No problem


I fly with my torned wings
Into the high-tech tunnel
Other birds collide
Flying into the walls
Dying screaming
But I keep on
The tunnel gets smaller
It is going deeper

We are quiet
Each one
Into his own mind
When the sun
Hits us
It hurts
Getting into the light
of the day and into
The bustling city


So while the days move slowly
And the sun had it´s way
crossing the sky
I forgot
Like the rest of us
Why I live here
I did not enjoy
The purple morning
Or the white daylight
Nor did I see the different colours of the trees
Just busy doing things
That makes no difference or anyone happy
God punished me
With the inability to do any progress
Now I am a refugee on the camino
Looking for shelter and purpose

Why do I fight?

I fight even though
I do not know
If there is any meaning

Lonely and lost
In foreign land
I hide

Only to discover
That the enemy
Sees me
But not my friends

The hope of being me

It is a hard thing
Being me
Whatever this means
On this planet
This lonely place
In the outskirts
Of  the universe
The days are passing
So slowly
The shadows growing by the day
Withering stages of decay
Around me
The birds starts singing
And the spring breaks in.