The Final Act

So the eternal struggle starts

In this drama

There will never be any end to it

Different will

I am the week one

She is the strong

Money and thrift


Soon only the ashes

Will be left of me

Happy to leave this

Ugly planet


Cold and frozen

Fear of losing control

Still control is an illusion

When it comes to the mind

Only if your subconscious agrees

Is anything possible

Living in this limbo

My mind wants one thing

The rest has other things in mind

Moments of Experience

When I was a boy

I dreamt of a brighter better day

A day when I wasn’t alone

A day of love and joy

But with age comes

Wisdom and the joy

The great joy of not needing

To share moments

With those not interested

Everyone in their own eco chamber

Makes a lot of noise

Only the silent trees offers

Remorse and peace

For a troubled mind


Life is a beautiful illusion

A place of confusion

Reaching its shores

I found my self

Full of confusion

No meaning only overreached

Producing bountiful amount

Few goes into bloom

Even fewer become fruits

And almost no one

Of all manifolds

Becomes a tree

Time of Returning

The future is full of surprises

As well as the past

We are running low on being high

Slowly strangulating

Regaining life will be hard

It will take time

But it will come


Sleepless night

Losing sight

What is to be done

How much time it will take


Walking out in the cold

Early morning

Mourning my lost sleep

Lost life that

Went away

Long time ago

Present Future

We are here

Trapped in time and circumstances

Hating one another

Just being present

Is painful

This is not leaving me

No I am to weak to leave

And to strong to die

So it is in between

Limbo rules my life

Until it’s end in a

Hidden room

Many years from now

On Science

We know very little

Our science

Our so called science

Seems to be

A belief more than a fact

So often

Still even though is weak

Is the only method

That makes knowledge

Systematic and logic


In the old times

The maze was

believed to be important

For survival

Finding the way

Having a pagan meaning

Long forgotten

We still find them

Along our long

Coast on the way to

The cold north