The Breakup

Moving in and out of total

Paralysis, anxiety becomes


Floating around in what cannot be defined

I failed so many times

And therefore

Why try again

Another War

There is no place for me here

Have to find another one

Another space, another situation

We have to make a change

I have to change

It is not easy

When the mind is not with you

But against you

It is a civil war


Lost Prehistory

Anxiety is so irrational

Still in prehistoric times

It helped us to survive

Now it is hard to respond

To the threat that is so much

More complex

But there might be a compleatly

Different story


Agony has no limits

A ongoing feeling

Of immediate disaster

This will not end well

And it will never end

Is the feeling

Only short moments of relief

Comes suddenly and unexpected

Trembling Mind

The mind suffers in it’s cave

Isolated and hidden from view

Anxiety runs great

Crippling and making all actions

Rigid and half-hearted

Trembling in the cold sun of spring

Bad Containment

High level anxiety running through

My chest

Can’t feel anything else

Quickly, quickly it goes

I am high and low

Paralyzed running in the same tim

The head feels heavy

This is my life now