Insights of a Trapped mind

Sometimes we end up

Trapped in our own

Inabilities, neurosis, complex, failure

It will all come to an end eventually

But this is the end of the road

From here start the unknown

To me


Things are rigid


Blocked and the hope

Is hidden under deep snow

No miracle is expected

More of the same

All of the time

In perpetua


Life did not give me many choices

When anxiety eats your mind

Limiting the options

Still I am here

Day by day

Weaker and balder

Looking For Answers

Feeling completely lost

Trying to put myself together

Getting through all the anxiety

Writing the letter

Fixing the payment

Doing due diligence

What makes it tick

I do not really know



Confused and tired

The mind locks itself

Confronted with

The leftovers

Of a long life

Just the dream

Of a better life


Warm Water

Frozen spring

Broken sunlight

Destroyed hope

Awaiting solution

No time to think

Trying to get my mind

Together against all odds

This will not change

But this life has to change

Water streaming around me

Warm water in a cold place

Reach out

Trying to reach out

But this is not possible anymore

The walls are to thick

The windows gone

Just the echo of my own

voice moving around

in my head

Creating strange thoughts

Though very vibrant

And real

I try not to listen

Not to understand

Not to do more


Tired and still blocked

Cannot take control

And break the spell

Keep walking, keep the momentum

Maybe things will ease up

Maybe not

Have to sleep