The Navigation Act

Sometimes we have to navigate in bad water being

Lost among family and friends

That have their own problems

Such is life,

That when we need help the most

It seems to be farther away

Than we can reach

We are trapped in a limbo

Being to weak to get out of the trap

But to strong to sub comb

And here we are waiting for

The iceberg to melt

So that our bad ship

Might reach the

West Indies

Going by Greenland

Was not a good idea

Even though the name

Seemed to promise

A good time

Off the track

What? and why?
There are no
Sensible answer
To those questions
You have your own
Fantasy to stick to
Whatever the reality
Happens to be
Sinking through
The muddy waters
Of illusions


Fighting for my life
It is still some time
My life slowly bleeding
Away in the gutter

I keep standing and start
Until the blue morning light
is visible again

The art of dying and defying

The danger of staying is obvious

Still I remain here stubborn as ever

Defient as ever

Me a lost old man

Not in his body

My mind is elsewhere

far far into the future

I know what happened

I lived through so many

future war, I lived through so many

good times and bad

being reincarnated is a bitch

and suicide is not the answer

just a new role to play

somewhere else on this

blue planet

filled with folly

and all forms of life

like a perverted caleidoscope

On The Other side

Now I am on the other side
of the sea
The other side
Were the boots used to be
Here On the other side where everything´s

is different and odd

Now I am here on the wrong side
of things

before I were there

and now me too

My face in the mirror

I have no power
no will 
just time to act
on yesterdays problems
Breading  bad rumors
by telling all these lies
about myself 
compensating all
still the sun shines
on me

Fallen Fruit

Heavy and not far
the fruit from the tree
It is not my life
after all
I failed now
so many times
to change anything in my fate
and this made me so frustrated
but never mind
this is my life
and there is
no much to about it
The sun still shines
and the leaves are
green in the end of May


Eternal outsider

Close your eyes and then…
Run, run, run
Talk, talk, talk
Smile, Smile, Smile
Run, run, run

Go home
Then forget everything about it



I am blocked
I cannot deal
with this anymore

Year after year
the same problem
and the same
to do anything
about it

Deep in my heart
there are so much pain
I do not know why anymore
never mind
This might not be important



This is my answer to you
There will be no
compromise or false lies
The rain has stopped