Things changes quickly

In this world

It is not easy

To understand

Most of the we miss the boat

Standing on the pier

The Boat

Life is like about

A small steamship

Traveling through

Troubled water

In an

Until we sink to the bottom

Starting the eternal journey

We are always one or more

Not only one

However lonely we feel

Beyond the Wall

Once open a time

I went to Berlin

The city grey and divided

Made a depressive appearance

The Wall and the bullet holes from the last

War still there

By accident I ended up in a Suburb

Finding the most beautiful

Polynesian boat on a wall

In the middle of all that

Middle Europe nuclear angst

The boat carried me away

Never to return

Always to return


I am on the boat
What is the aim of our journey?
This is not considered
The practice of remembering things

We are not moving
We will never move
This is the center
of the conundrum