Riding with the wind


The power  balance is changing

I  am closing myself now

Like a flower for the night

Slowly and lonely

Were my life here

I am leaving for the ocean

To the ocean is a long way

But like a small seed i will

get there a flower

Even if it takes a decade or more

Cascading failure

The energy builds up
I start to do things
I do to much
The energy is gone
I fail again and again
Back to the pit
I start climb up



So while the days move slowly
And the sun had it´s way
crossing the sky
I forgot
Like the rest of us
Why I live here
I did not enjoy
The purple morning
Or the white daylight
Nor did I see the different colours of the trees
Just busy doing things
That makes no difference or anyone happy
God punished me
With the inability to do any progress
Now I am a refugee on the camino
Looking for shelter and purpose