Things changes quickly

In this world

It is not easy

To understand

Most of the we miss the boat

Standing on the pier


Searching for a new way

Another way of being me

A better pattern

With more freedom

Than before to act

To play, to live

The Power Of Negotiating

We are being put under pressure

In life all the time

Again and again

Eventually I will give in

Do what they want

But this time I will try

Something very different

Something that puts me

To a better place than now

Or not it does not really matter

Inner Meaning

On our journey through life

Through broken mirrors

That makes up and recreate

Our perception our reality

Memories where we are

Getting back to in order

To understand what is happening

Why we are

Who we believe to be

But behind this is something

Much more sinister

A way to remain and retain

What is safe

What Will Happen

The future is at best uncertain

We are feeling insecure

Nothing can be taken for granted

We heard it all before

Again and again

An uneasy existence

At the margins

While the world breaks down

As we use to know it

The War

A long time ago

In another millennia

I went to the war

By free will

Not as a soldier

But as a writer and aidworker

I failed miserable

To change the world

But maybe I helped

Someone to live

A better life

For a few moments

That is something

Next to nothing

But still