Time might fly

I don’t

Resting on memory and luck

Still being alive after all that time

Without anything more than a blanket

And some black tea with the occasional

Potatoes. I did not choose this life

This life choose me

This life caught me

Now I have to live it

To Start an End

Where to start

The options are so many

So rich and I am so desperate

It just forms itself to a

Tidal wave of confusion

Just to be swept away

Is the only solution



Courage is a rare thing

Not found often

Most people run away

Like courage would be

Some sort of curse

Avoiding taking sides

Rather stay inside

Their comfort zone

The road to freedom

Goes through courage

But freedom is a heavy burden

That few people

Ever carries



I did not choose

This life

This life

Choosed me

To be in it

And here I am

Not knowing

What to do

Illusion of choice

You are born into a certain place

By someone that belongs to something

Placed in a context

You will always be in a context

That limits your option

So you have a choice

But inside your destiny

The rain will fall on you

And if you have a raincoat

It might keep you dry