The crowds of the city

Has left their dwellings

Moving around in

Disciplined groups

Up and down,

Round and round

Bumping into each other

Fighting for space

Life is slow,

Everything seems to be


Locked in rigid patterns of


Illusions are fine

They are like wine

You drink and enjoy until you

Wake up with an headache

Realising that most of your

Life was a dream

Wasted on the altar

Of ideas and dreams


Christmas in Dubrovnik

Moving through  the highly risky

Terrain in a lush green forest

Above the old city

I remembered

The war more than 10 years ago

Still visible with all its

Shellmarks making

Roses on the ground

Telling a distant story

Of terror and death

The war had just ended

At Christmas, just a

Shell fired in the afternoon

From the enemy in order to

Make their presence known

Later that night

The captain shot

His girlfriend in a bar

Not far from the Hotel

The scars lingers under the surface

But surface

Cosmetic beauty  that money can buy

Is what you will see


The Silence of the City

Silence is the best of sound

So very expressive

The hard options

The non action plan

Not to act, not to do

Not to think, just a number of blocks

That has to be destroyed or endured

The winter will last a long time

Maybe forever

At least to long

As every year

City boy

The day is over

And it is time

To rest

The city changed my perception

Turning good into bad

Beauty into an ugly appearance

One of metamorphosis many phases

The moon still rules over the

Night sky and measures out punishment

For infringes on its territory

Angry men forms mobs and start

Frighten us and other people

Only the rich prevail for a while

Before they go under too


I am so confused

Have no oversight

No visions

No perspective

Only trying to get through

The jungle that is this city

Walking in circles in dark alleyways

Talking to strangers

With their own agenda

In my pocket is a white stone

Like an amulett


The cut

The city is full of empty promises

And drunken minds

Poisonous fragrance

Joyous brown and yellow leafs

Moving in the wind

The metro offers dirty

Escapes while

The other are watching

Participating in an abstract


Transmitting the virus

Of attention deficit


Dark Matter City


The city is dark

A dark matter

That is mine

The rain stopped


Giving a break to

Frozen walkers

All the grey people

Passing by in my

Everyday life

Losing my keys

For a moment

I feel not welcome


The night approaches

Being even colder

It will take time before

The light returns


Instead of dying

I went to the dentist

What a horror

what a terror

That was terrible

I survived

But it feels like

I have been

In a fight

Her hands

are so nice

Strange places next to home

Certain days demands escapes to a different city

Another place to put the restless mind and body

I choose the workers city south of home

A dirty place with a huge highway in the middle

In order to keep the workers mind focused

on work

The gigant harbour filled with containers and cars

The factory making trucks and the factory making medicine

To drug the world and make life filled with pills of different color

I love that place, poor people from all over the world come here

To seek the true unhappiness in a life filled with thing and matter

Are they happy, happier or just busy making a living

I do not know and I am not going to ask them

I let them get on with their life and feel happy that this

is not my home but a lush green place that is ok for a day or two

or more, enjoying the serene feeling of being a stranger in a land

That never been mine