Dark Matter City


The city is dark

A dark matter

That is mine

The rain stopped


Giving a break to

Frozen walkers

All the grey people

Passing by in my

Everyday life

Losing my keys

For a moment

I feel not welcome


The night approaches

Being even colder

It will take time before

The light returns


Instead of dying

I went to the dentist

What a horror

what a terror

That was terrible

I survived

But it feels like

I have been

In a fight

Her hands

are so nice

Strange places next to home

Certain days demands escapes to a different city

Another place to put the restless mind and body

I choose the workers city south of home

A dirty place with a huge highway in the middle

In order to keep the workers mind focused

on work

The gigant harbour filled with containers and cars

The factory making trucks and the factory making medicine

To drug the world and make life filled with pills of different color

I love that place, poor people from all over the world come here

To seek the true unhappiness in a life filled with thing and matter

Are they happy, happier or just busy making a living

I do not know and I am not going to ask them

I let them get on with their life and feel happy that this

is not my home but a lush green place that is ok for a day or two

or more, enjoying the serene feeling of being a stranger in a land

That never been mine

Northern light

Rainy days
Bad days
why did I return
this was never my city
It´s heart is made of stone
all year around is cold
the light in the winter is weak
the light in the summer night is bleak
We the cold people in the north
dead before we lie in our graves
I rather fail elsewhere 
but here I am
without money
without hope
of a better tomorrow
I can only look out of the window
into the grey dusk and the tiny raindrops
forming intricate patterns