The Element of Water

Reaching a ground by

Doing hard household work

Washing dishes

Silence is also a good thing

Connecting mind and body

New thoughts and resilience

Water dried thoughts

Perished Dream

Lost in time

Clean the plates in the kitchen

In a way trying to

Keep away the thoughts by doing

Nonsense cleaning of a

Dirty kitchen

Filled with other peoples filth

A thought going through my mind

This morning is that my

Dreams has shrunk

To just surviving under

A layer of practical


The sky outside is gray

And I see no reason

To do so

Cleaning Up

Cleaning out the dirt

Destroying and creating

New patternas

I am not going to break down

Again, no

Not anymore

I just have to through it out of the system

All the lose ends being put together

Like a web


Bad day day

More drunk than dead

I tried to bury this Friday

In happy forgetfulness

It did not help at all

Everything got worst

No ending is sight

Just have to clean

The house drunk

No order, no structure

No wine