Game of Words

I play a game with you

You play a game with me

I pretend to write

You pretend to read

Maybe will see

Something new to be


Losing my language

Tone deaf and unable

To surrender

I create a new one

With stones and sticks

Somebody might

Eventually understand me

The lost time

I am trying to get my mind together

All the lack of Reciprocity

The one way communication limits the meaning of any communication

Just listening to your words made me realize that all what I say lacks meaning

But still I will try

Time lost, time gain


Communication has no meaning
It is no use saying anything
Everything is bi-polar
Good or bad
Black and white
No criticism I cannot live
With that
But how long can I live
Were I am only a shadow


Something went wrong
I do not know what
But it really went wrong
And you steered at me
Like I was mad
And now I am standing
Here in breeze of the early evening
Waiting for you