Life is a madman’s game

You can play it well

But whatever you do

He sets the rules

They are changing

All the time

When he

Suddenly out of a wim

Changing his mind

You on the receiving end

No one there to support

You all alone

You try to stand

While he is beating

You bad

Then he leaves you in the gutter

This is my game he says

Smiling and walk away

You have to get home

To prepare for

The next day

In the game


Guilt is such a precious thing

Kept and taken care of

Grown by those who need

Control over other

A high price to pay

A prison for the those

Who carries the mantle

Of shame

Losing Control

No peace of mind

The struggle goes on and on

Fighting hard

To keep on


Almost falling

Dropping the

Bottle and then

Picking up the drops



Feeling empty, lost

Trying to fill the day

With content

Trying to learn things

But they slip out of my mind

Trying to work

But don’t know

Where to begin

Just lost



I am haunted

By what I left behind

To much unfinished


anxiety and panic

All collected into

My soul

After so many years

I have been getting

Used to it


All that broken language that fills the air

In between high frequency noises of train

Starting and leaving

Letting off Asbestos into the dirty air

This is not the right location

Music mixes with parts of words

Vague and unclear as in a search for their own

Meaning and purpose

Dirty floors and white light that kills the beauty

Stench mixes with perfumes and rotten fat

From the Hamburger joint nearby

Monitors everywhere controlling but not


Control of every kind is the name of the day

Physical, financial and of course psychological

Illusions likely to break like ice in the spring