Time will tell

But what is time

When is it time

What to bring

If anything

Time will tell

But whom tell time?

On Hatred

Hatred is a good feeling

Making you feel alive

And strong,

Taking quick and swift action

Demanding action

Like a wild horse

Still this is madness

True madness

But reason is limited

And maims the soul

A dangerous contradiction

To be handle with like a


Late a night with care

Problems Pro Solution

Problem that exist

That I have to do

Something about

Problem that don’t exist

But that I believe that

I have to do something about

Problems that I am not aware of and

Therefore do not act on

Something that is not a problem

But joy that I forgot


Thinking on all




More time cannot solve any problems

More of everything is just more

Not better but less

Unbalance between want and  need

When having mad afternoon tea

With a naked girl

Talking nonsense



I do not know how
I only know that
I has to end

In order to make ends meet
it has to end
End of story 

But it seems so unreasonably hard


I am on the boat
What is the aim of our journey?
This is not considered
The practice of remembering things

We are not moving
We will never move
This is the center
of the conundrum