What can I say?

Trying to collect courage

To do what is important

But losing the perspective

And losing the meaning

Searching a place deep

Deep down the soul


How to turn

All those things around

Quickly and persistently

Waking up in the middle

Of the night

Everything is left to do


Courage is a good thing

Always lacking when it is needed

Meeting the difficulties of life

Is a stressful and tiresome burden

A repetetive work

You are always waiting for it to end


Inside myself

Inside my mind


The other people

Around me

Function and dysfunction

All around

This does not matter

Because I am here now

For good or bad in

This dreamy world

Of gray clouds


The door is wide open

Answers not to be found

Courage is a good

Most useful

When everything seems


Leaving the safe space and venture

Out into the void

The deep darkness of the forest

Dreaming, leaving reality or

The illusions we have about

What is real or not

It Also Passes

Courage might be a quality

But the true courage

Is not mine

I will let the time go

The end will be grim

But the memory passes away