A Lost Day

Losing a meaning or two

Feeling like an empty shell

After sleeping on the floor

This night.

The days are so dark

Only some dawn and dusk

Never true dayligth

Feeling confused and hungry

Lost in myself and my own inability

To change,

To do the right thing

I do not know what is the right thing anymore

In the Dark

December is the darkest of months

Turning the daylight into dawn or dusk

The night is long and without mercy

The perspective change

Other things becomes


This surprises me

But I realize that the options

Are non-existent

I am preparing for survival

As I do every time this year

And every year I get by

Just a little bit more weak

Than before

The clouds, grey and filled

With rain will remain

In my memory for a

Long time

Morning has broken

But the day will never


Only the proxy

Some daylight and then dusk

We pretend that everything is


Going on in our daily routines

But the light tells us something

Is very wrong

The darkness come and overtakes us all

Now and then but this is different

Very different

Something much more sinister