Reaching out

Into the void

Someone hears me

I do not know who

Like a bullet in the dark

In the Valley of Darkness

Life in all its variety

Is a prisma of suffering

In one way or the other

Trying to go

When its as darkest

So I don’t need

To feel any hope

When the light





Sunday depression

That’s it a dark day in the beginning of December

The children had enough of us

Quarrel all the time

They run away


We found them

Far away on the way to their own adventures

Then the girl just run away

In the museum

So she wants to lean on me

But I am weak and most of all

Tired, and so ANGRY

She stole our life

Fulfilling her depressive patterns

Always being the victim

What’s the meaning of that

Well to repeat forever and ever

Blackened the life of us all

I ended up running away

Finally feeling normal

While the snow kept

Falling on my head

Spring depression

Every spring is the same feeling

Depression, depression and frustration

It always comes in April

Feeling like a failure and frustrated like crazy

I am on the same place every year

Trying to cope and handle

Fight not to kill myself

Falling apart and

Slowly healing in the summer

Save me from those feelings

But nature has its way


What has been the meaning of my dream?
For so long time
It were
Given to me
And I could not stand up to it
All those beautiful things
I should achieve
And nothing happened
I could not move
The mind became numb
The muscles stiff
Anxiety and fear
Overtook me
And there I was
All alone in our big grey country
The country were the sun only shines
On the rational souls of economic man
We irrational creatures had no right to live
Expected to die and then forgotten
I did not die, I did not forget
But my mind is still paralysed
Seeing the shadows moving
As the day settles and the current
In the river stops