Our Own Grave

Man is mans own slave

Digging his own grave

Every day

Soon we will all be gone

No one left

To sing our songs

Bad times are coming

My friend

We will all die

Together in the end

Mass extinction

It will be

You just wait

And see

Denial and Destruction

Coming home and finding

All the my clothes thrown

On the floor

She is making

Bad excuses


Destroying the life of all the

Near and dear

Denial as the her prime


I have to take care

Of the spoils


Change is a beautiful thing

And in the same time

A nightmare messing

Up our life, destroying

Safe comfort zones

Moving into the light

What once was hidden

Hiding things that once

Was in the open

Ending ever ongoing

A Slave

I am a slave of humanity

Serving it dearly

While it’s behaving severely

It does not care

It is busy with other things

That’s digging it’s own grave

They dig it here

They dig it there

Now they dig everywhere

In the Dark

December is the darkest of months

Turning the daylight into dawn or dusk

The night is long and without mercy

The perspective change

Other things becomes


This surprises me

But I realize that the options

Are non-existent

I am preparing for survival

As I do every time this year

And every year I get by

Just a little bit more weak

Than before

The clouds, grey and filled

With rain will remain

In my memory for a

Long time

Let everything brake

Let everything brake
Never mind the consequences
Just take me out of here
There are no meaning
Just fighting and beating
My mind to the ground
Beating myself until I
Fall down in despair
I destroy everything
I wanted to achieve
So long time I have
Been repeating this
And now I am back