A Tail of Many Dimensions

Telling the wrong story

But in the right way

Changing the intention

A new path is created

Out of the ashes of the old one

Living in a small room

That open up inside itself

For another journey

Life is short and the moment

Catches on creating an

Illusion of eternity


Moving from one space

To another, ending life

Starting another

Alas not an end

Just a circular

Flow going over many


Holy Ghost, son, youth, father, grandfather

And all over again

Dual Psych

In deep mode searching

Our future

Opening up closed gates

Going through the whole process

Again and again

Like an eternal pattern

Of different stars

Another galaxy, another me

Yet the same

Ad Hoc

Who am I?

Why am I?

Being present

In a least

Two worlds

At the same time

Connections and memories

Passing through my mind

Intensive madness in a box

Sun and a title

I lost all hope

Just repeating the history of the past

Why continue?

Things turn very hard

When you realise that you cannot change

I do not know why

But I spent my life understand why!

Outside the sun shines on the barren earth