The Door

Searching for the door

The place inside that eventually

Will open up

So that life start working again

Trial by error

Fear and anguish

Must go

Still it is like being

An insect

Locked in by my own

Ignorance and inability


When trapped in yourself

There are always a third

Secret door

Hidden in the solid wall

The Door

Putting all my energy into getting things done

Getting out through the door

To the shiny winter landscape

So white and threatening

Just leaving home take such an effort

I do not like it at all

Freedom will come at a high cost

Staying in the comfort zone

Will not bring it at all


Time is just an abstract thing

But doors are not

They there to stop you

To control the temperature and life

Limit the limitless

Put a border between them and us

This is the door to hell

And that is not a place that wants you well

So stay out and enjoy before you to become a toy

For someones lust and desire and spend the rest of life to light their fire

Dörren till helvetet