The Dragon Slayer

I am fighting the tired and demented dragon

That has forgotten where his tail is

Quite an experience I must say

As being the knight

I have forgotten how to use

My worn out sword

So we just keep on

Hugging each other

Creating A Story

Writing is working, trying to put a text together

Finding ways to understand reality in a different

Way. Describing the indescribable, creating new

Unknown worlds for the readers to venture into.

You don’t have to be an expert, journalist or writer

To do that, you just have to try. If you can’t write it

Tell your story to the public by recording it on “tape”

Or Video. A story has traditionally had a start, introducing

The characters and environment, after establishing those

Things something has to happen, the tension builds up

Until the grand finale. The climax is then replaced by a tune down

A conclusion, the hero goes unharmed after killing 50 bandits with

A shot gun, saving the girl and selling the dragon to the highest bidder.

That is storytelling a la Hollywood and it has it’s obvious limitations.

But it’s a way to start working with storytelling.

The Great Dragon in Ukraine

This weekend a revolution 
Took place in another corner
of the world.
I were not there to watch 
or take part
The president (a traditional crook)
had collect treasures 
Like greedy dragon
But without a den 
Now new smaller dragons
are waiting to collect the
And in the east some other dragons
are frustrated 
The wheel of fortune is moving
So far nothing changed
But will anything else grow
Out of that black soil 
That we all walked over
many many years ago