Frozen shadow

Moving along the tracks

Of a long forgotten


Using the memory of a dream

Intuition is not working here

Only the memory takes hold

But it is not a real memory

Just a dream


I am lonely

And everything is so strange

Life without sleep

Feeling daft and dumb

The dusk has fallen

And this day is past

Late at night

Feeling lost in the night

The silence and the inability

In the same time is esoteric

I am not alone in the universe

And memories from the past

Many hundred years ago comes by

To say hello

All those lost souls around us

All those who lived before us

All those who will live here

In our and their world that we all share

On this level

Late at night

Backwards and forwards

Playing with my mind

What life could have been if only

A true illusion

Because there is no turning back

Life is a one way street

Nothing in the past ever change

Only our way of perceiving it


Freezing and getting warm at the same time

Every fiber in my body wants to rest but I have to stay on my post

Continue to write until the end

But why?

I do not know any more

There is a way back to normal life

But if normal means killing your soul and identity

What then?