Record of abuse

Another infighting

evening at home

Being woken up

At ten in the evening


Being told how bad I am


Getting up starting to clean the home

While being told everything that is wrong with me


Making the dish, Cleaning the kitchen

While being told I am not helping out

Why do you not sleep she asks

Because you wake me up! is my answer

-You fell asleep to early she tells me


This has been going on for years

The same pattern

Then she is sorry again

Will behave the same way again and again

Why do I not leave, I ask myself again and again

Because I don’ t know

Maybe the kids my children is a good reason

Maybe because I lost my work

And my  faith in that I can manage to find one





I tried to see the sun

But it had already sunken

Down below the horizon

There will be another day

There will be other people

But I will not be there

Even if I am there

It will be as a blind man

Trying to find my way

Up the stairs at dusk

Daniel Stintzing
Blind window