No Pardon

Watching the world

Passing by

Quickly without pardon

Running along

Trying to catch up

But that is a failed race

I am a failure

Just like you

My friend I am going to perish

Into the the sea of forgotten

Memories and things


Running fast

Trying to forget

What happened

What I could not

Deal with

I disconnected myself

I did not know what

To say so

I did not say anything

Silencing opportunity

Now I have to climb

Up again from the pit

Hide Out

Fear and shames

Took me here

Hiding from


Trying to erase

My existence

As much as


Failure is



I never try


I always say


I live in the north

In the land of small hills

And a lot of trees

Some blue lakes

And a lot of lonely and cold people

I wanted to leave but somehow

I am stuck here

First time I went back it was, Because of the language

The second time because Of my career

The third time out of desperation

The fourth time out of frustration

The fifth time has not happened yet

But it will

This is life in the far north

A place where the ice and snow

Is absent

The place where your soul freezes to ice

Take my advice

Stay out

Failure and logic

Every time I fail

I feel the pain

Unable to change

Unable to move


Trying to meditate

But I do not find any peace of mind

I feel more and more frustrated

Will this be the rest of my life

Why do I not have the freedom of will

Keep on writing


IMG_0598When walking alone in the great city

I sometimes meet Kavafy,

Well dressed and wise

He tells me ancient truths from the library

You would have failed anywhere in the world

He tells me while smoking papyrus

In the moonlight by the water he is just a tiny shadow

Yes, my friend it is true

But I rather fall in a place with friends and better weather

Here I miss the sun half of the year

Let me choose where I lose my battles