Fantastic Vision

One night I dreamt that

Every human was free

Each one living in their own tree

A small treehouse for each one of us

In a green utopia

But I woke up in the desert

Cold and frozen

The trees had left

For a better forest

And I just walked around

N absolute horror

Clouds In The Sky

A heavy cloud filled the sky

With a new form and colour

Contains all that we fear

Pouring radioactive material

Over the land

For many years

We could not eat

The fish and berries

From the forest

But memories are short

And we are heading

For the next disaster

Like slow walking



Happy to leave

The crazy city

Finding peace of mind

Under the gigantic

Fur tree

Like a protection

From an unforgiving


Christmas in Dubrovnik

Moving through  the highly risky

Terrain in a lush green forest

Above the old city

I remembered

The war more than 10 years ago

Still visible with all its

Shellmarks making

Roses on the ground

Telling a distant story

Of terror and death

The war had just ended

At Christmas, just a

Shell fired in the afternoon

From the enemy in order to

Make their presence known

Later that night

The captain shot

His girlfriend in a bar

Not far from the Hotel

The scars lingers under the surface

But surface

Cosmetic beauty  that money can buy

Is what you will see


Sunday in the land of the rich

All my life has been filled with fear
Deep fear
And this deep terror
Controlled me
For a very long time
But time passes
And fear is created in those moment
Of our life when we are small and weak
Meeting myself and seeing
The shortness and limitation
Of my enemies as well my own
Shortcomings has alter the
Perspective slowly
Modifying my path
In the deep green forest