Time runs fast and still very slowly

Experiences varies from day to day

The worst thing is that certain parts

Of the brain feels sealed off

Connection missing, meetings, decisions

Are not remembered

Living in the middle of the chaos

Is so crazy it goes on and on and on

The Journey

Trapped in time and memories

I entered another world

New to its rules and customs

Frozen by the long journey

To the top of the hill

I cried and remembered

That I had forgot

My past

The Redirector

Rewriting the future

By forgetting the past

Everything gets disappears

Into the great fog of lost memory

The ground still remains

As well as the laws of nature

Just more incomprehensible

Than ever


Travelling in my memory

I have to be there

Every day, every minute of my life

Reliving all the memories from many


I did not choose this life

This life chooses me

And still sometimes

It’s the other way around


It is so easy to miss

And suddenly

You are there

Forgetting until

It is almost

To late

Like lines in the sand

Of a minefield