Forgetting to Remember

We all need nurture

Finding hope and connection

With other people

For some this is easy

For other this is hard

I start from the beginning

Every day

And still this is not true

But it feels that way


Remember to forget

Forget to remember


Embracing change

Whatever it means

Is so hard

Especially scaling down

Leaving thins behind

Not keeping everything

My life was so hard

When it comes to leaving

Trying to keep every false

Friend forever

Being so lonely


I lost my words

My mind sleepy and

Into the grey clouds

That is this morning

Sad and happy

To be on my own

I cannot stand people

I cannot live without friends

I have no friends

Just acquaintances

That will let me down

In the end


I am looking for my friends

I seek them here

I seek them there

I seek them everywhere

But they are gone

Maybee they did not exist

Or lived in a parallel dimension

So long time ago I stoped looking

Just meeting them at night in barren dreams

In unknown cities