A Slave

I am a slave of humanity

Serving it dearly

While it’s behaving severely

It does not care

It is busy with other things

That’s digging it’s own grave

They dig it here

They dig it there

Now they dig everywhere

Raw Cravings

Sugar is a strange and

Remarkably thing

Taking us hostage

In all its sweetness

Making our life bitter

Unbalanced and neurotic

Still we have a very hard time

Leaving this vain and demanding

Lover of our choice,

Fear and frustration

Is easiest battled with

More poison but of

A different type

The road to salvation is a

Mystical thing

Absent present

Walking through the chic and slick part of the city

In every corner I meet a beggar asking for money

For drugs or house building project in Romania

Someone sleeping outside

While girls in expensive suits passing by

Pretending their own importance is

More credible than the poor lier

On the street

We are all fakes

Looking for ways to convince the world

Of our God given right to exist

God does not mind

Absent on earth as well as heaven

Having find a new project

Somewhere else

Only the stones are left

For worship tonight

Three strings

Drowning slowly in my own waist

I went to look for God

But he could not be found

So I went back to the city again

Trying to play the fiddle with only

Three strings


So while the days move slowly
And the sun had it´s way
crossing the sky
I forgot
Like the rest of us
Why I live here
I did not enjoy
The purple morning
Or the white daylight
Nor did I see the different colours of the trees
Just busy doing things
That makes no difference or anyone happy
God punished me
With the inability to do any progress
Now I am a refugee on the camino
Looking for shelter and purpose


Now they gone cut me in half
and half
I will be
This is not the ultimate option
I will be the half-man 
and not much more
but this is the price
I pay
The life I never opt for
but were given
by some distant god
in a sky
or maybe he lives in a pie
to be cut in half does
not do me any god
at all 


We are still here
After all this year
In the winter 
In the summer
autumn and spring
They play their
And I now
an old man
Without any possessions 
are thrown around like a small
piece of paper in the wind

The gods are looking
the other way and
the outcome is almost


Fear me the most
Because I am the worst of men
That God ever created
I am worst
Because I answer
To your desire
Because I know
What eternity looks like
And I am ready to
Fill you up
With willful desires
That eventually
Will finish you off

My apologies

I do not feel home in this world. I have because of all anxiety and stress I carry around not been able to create a life where I have a sustainable income. 

So I write this text because yesterday I found out that my life here did not allow me to be what I were once destined to be and this caused me a lot of pain. I do not see any solution to any problem that I have. I will stick on to this insight and try to live as well as I can. 


This is itwe are filled
and filed
Running along
well defined lines
How things should be

But inside the chaos
Regain its momentum
And above God looks down
on us smiling slyly