The Voices In The Head

Listening to the cliches in my head

If I believed in them I would be dead

When you are young

They are installed

By hammer and nail

In your head

They tell how to be

And that you are not free

They say it is

All in the family

Just the mosquitoes stay free

But the older you get

The more wrong

It gets to be

And you realize

That you never will get free

From the voices in the head

Until you are dead

A Wake

Waking in the middle of the night

Can’t stop thinking

Trying to come up

With a solution

But I don’t have

Any conclusion

Just a lot of things on my mind

So have to check everything now

But it won’t matter

The head feeds me

Fantasies, memories

My fathers voice condemning

Me forever and ever

Telling me I am not ok

In any way, that is

What he say inside

My head

Even though he is dead


The silence of the mind

Is a wonderful thing

Searched for in so many


Only to be found in the

Head of the dead or


As a living human

Being the only thing

To ask for is a little

Slower stream

More shallow water