Trying to heal

But the wound

Is being broken up

All the time

I pretend to the outside world

That everything is okey

But inside everything

Is falling apart

Mixed Timeline

The flowers have mixed colors

Blue violet white and yellow

Growing on top of were

The disaster struck

The world was reduced to rubble

To nothingness and still it rises

Again and again

And in fact

It was not the whole world

Just a piece of it

Life goes on

You are left with

Your memories

Haunted Soul

Trying to deal

With the impossible;

The probably future

And the horrors of the past

The memories has come to

Haunt the tired mind again

Sequences repeating itself

Again and again

Peace, happiness, passion

Are lost dreams

Searching for renewed

Meaning in late afternoon

A Great Thing To Do

Writing is a great thing

Making feeling and thoughts

Meaningful and changes them

Do not hesitate, just write anything

Stranger, just keep on writing

Find your tone, your rhythm and soul

Eventually you end up poor but happy as me

Or maybe poor and unhappy

But at least with some poems buried in the sand


Writing to capture

My life

What it was

What it never became

What I wanted to do

What I manage to do

The time is running out

The pain of memory follows me

Wherever I go

But it can be written

It can be spoken

And put into pictures

Making things a little better