Inside I am boiling being furious

Feeling reduced to rubble

To nothing

Even though I recognize the pattern

Nobody will ever change this

It is ingrained in my very being

To fail and being nobody

A cloak for something

Much more sinister

That goes beyond time

O messiah


When trapped in yourself

There are always a third

Secret door

Hidden in the solid wall

Hidden Dream

The dream is still here

Strong and vibrant

Hidden somewhere

Deep inside

Were it is still warm

Away from the frosty winter

That kills all the hope

Magic Knowledge


Wisdom is a tricky thing

Between Madness and rationality

Clear obscureness

Hidden truths in the open

Difficult to find, but even harder to achive

Being smart is so much easier

However more shortsighted

Sometimes but not always altruistic

It reins over a distant kingdom

Which is seldom seen

The shell

This empty shell

That I turned into

Hidden from

The world of misfortunes

Makes life very lonely

But I do not want

Anything to do

With anyone

Just hiding

In my room

For the rest

Of my life