On Life

I wanted life

To be more

Than survival

Just not make it

Through the day

But to have

Something to

Live for and

Being able to


On Life

Life demands courage

To be bearable

Suicide demands

Even more courage

To be doable

Therefore the

Paradox of



Hope or will

Just let life

Go on and on


Illusions are great

I am making

A Ponzi scheme

For myself borrowing

Resources of the future

In the vain hope of getting

My life back later

It is working at the moment


The road is long

And full of stones

Hardly a road

Leading to unknown

We carry our heavy

Burden under

The sun,

Hoping one day

For realease

In the end

It all fades away

And we become

Part of the road


In the morning everything seems

worse, much worse

Still the day has pass

Life has to go on

Even though everything feels


Waiting for the Great Destruction

Tepid days

Slow moving

Grayness rules

My world of lost

Hope and courage

Nothing to hope for

Just an eternal wait for

Spring and new options

That might never come

Soon the destruction of

Nature will overtake and

Change the nature of this


Only organised

People will live here

Paying a lot of money

For being unhappy

But successful

The world will erase

Their memory

The Price of Life

Every true freedom

Has it’s own price

You enjoy only

To suffer retribution

But the sweetness is

Greater than it’s bitter

Fruit and in vain

We repeat out of urge

And desire for life

Until finally the seeds grow

And the strife is over

We watch the sun and

Know that now is time

To die