In the morning everything seems

worse, much worse

Still the day has pass

Life has to go on

Even though everything feels



The gray dag has ni color

No feeling

Just hopelessness and helplessness

The road is lost in the distance

Between here and then maybe

I wish it had been more easy

But that is never the case

And when I meet the old ladies

On the subway and in the shop

I can be certain

That it is all to late

Questions to a stranger

Everyday from dawn to dusk

I watch the people pass by

The snow is falling

The sleepless night arrives

Together with the feeling of being numb

Incapable to change anything of important

So please stranger accept my gift

Of hopelessness and despair

And let it fill your mind

When your life is almost as dark as mine

Together we can share this black velvet cover

And let it keep us warm and alive

Losing ground


Every time I try
I come back
To this point
The place where I feel lost
and helpless.
Now I am her again
In the suburb
All around me
ugly buildings
No peace of mind
only struggle within
I do not understand anymore
No who am I
Why do I always fail
What is happening
Inside me?