On Meaning

Meaning is a good


But still an illusion

A very useful thing

But still it burns you out

Like a candle in the wind

The Words

I have no hope and no fear

Just a feeling of being free

Free like Kazantzakis

Reading the writings on the dirty wall

Long time ago in Heraklion, Crete

A game of words

Leading to this conclusion

Still so tempting for

The tired mind

Old Wisdom

My grandfather told me

Timing is everything

It almost never works

But it is a great idea

Like most other fantasies

It sounds right and simple

Just do not try to implement it

The great evil fire octopus

Will get you if you do

Do it ! Make a Big Drama Now

There are many ways

To create a drama

Life is full of it

When having a dull moment

Create a drama

When being criticized

Relate and create a big drama


When wanting power and influence


Every Tv-novella will help you

Maintaining the eternal cirkle

Just don’t expect progress and



Waking up is a meaningless

Interruption of a dream

Being a wake is a form of suffering

Given to us as a punishment

For some unknown sin

Maybe we never happened

Being a chimera

Viewed by other



What are we

Fighting for

All the time

An eternal domesticated


A circular chaos

The great family


A sort of natural law