Fear of the monsters

My mind is not clear
not open
The visibility is not fair
In the middle of the night
the street
Outside my house
lies so empty and quiet
I do  listen
because I think there are 
a chance for change
now when the silence of the night
has taken over
Lonely is our life
But I can live with that
I am not afraid to die
No in life we are
often by ourself
I fear to die
late in life
surrounded by equipment, monsters of technology
that makes us cling to life as if it were a gift
and not a punishment 


This is itwe are filled
and filed
Running along
well defined lines
How things should be

But inside the chaos
Regain its momentum
And above God looks down
on us smiling slyly

Give us the right to die quick without pain

We have the right to die
as free men

Why do we have to live 
in a society that do not
want us? 
Let us die, let us leave
your dirty world filled
with worthless words
Filled with us parasites
This life has no meaning
we are just victims of God
and his experiment. 
This is funny 
I believe that I will
leave this planet
With a smile on my face
and move to a place
where there are other
Gods ruling the universe


Life is short
it runs through the night
through winter, summer, spring and fall
it runs through us all
and then suddenly
No more