Subway Blues

The darkness in

The tunnel is deep

Train passes by

Nobody will see me cry

I am the old man with

A wretched look and dirty hair

Talking with

That awful racist slur

Wearing an unwashed fur

Having a heart of gold

When the stomach of beer is full

Stinking like a dirty dog

Since I lost my sense and frock

Hardly standing

Watching life passes by

But his time has stopped

Just like his watch

Time will not do me well

Not even right the wrongs


Gravel and Dust

Lost time

Lost summers

Forgotten meadows

Forgotten meaning

An empty place

A lonely void

Outside summer

Inside winter

I was never meant to flower

Just being here

Letting life pass me by

While the lilacs blossoms


Feeling strong and empty

At the very same time

Lonely and hopeful

Happy and sad